Common Mistakes Consumers Make When Buying a New Mattress

Your bed's mattress is a very important part of your everyday life; after all, you probably spend a good one-third of your day on the mattress, which may be more time than you spend on the couch or at your desk! Yet, many consumers don't know what to look for when buying a new mattress and may choose the cheapest one they can find, or opt for the most expensive one, reasoning that it must be better in some way. Note some common mistakes made by consumers when buying a new mattress so you know you get the best one for you.

Not understanding the marketing gimmicks and phrases

When shopping for a mattress, you may see them advertised as "orthopedic" or "medically sound" or other such phrase. Do you know what those phrases mean? The word orthopedic refers to the bones and muscles of the body, so chances are, any mattress will be "orthopedic" since your bones and muscles will rest on whatever mattress you choose! A "medically sound" mattress can mean any variety of things, most specifically that it's just considered comfortable. It doesn't necessarily mean that this mattress in particular offers any special medical benefits. Don't fall for empty phrases when shopping but research the features of a mattress before buying so you know it will be the best choice.

Not trying out a mattress properly

When in a store, it's usually not enough to simply push down on a mattress with your hand. The strength of your hand and arm are not a good sign for how your back and other areas of the body will respond to a mattress and its overall firmness or feeling. It's good to actually lie down on a mattress, turn to one side, lie on your stomach, and try other positions if possible so you know if the mattress conforms to you and feels comfortable on your back, legs, hips, and other areas.

Opting for a pillow top that you may not need

A pillow top mattress can be very soft, but do you have a thick mattress pad at home you already use? You may not need that added pillow top. Also, someone with a large frame may get too much cushioning from the pillow top so that their body is not supported by the springs of the mattress. In turn, the muscles stay tense to keep the body supported. This can mean aches and pains every morning. Consider these factors before thinking a pillow top mattress is the best.

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