How to Choose Bedroom Furniture for a Preteen

When your child becomes a preteen, no doubt they're ready to move out of their toddler bed and into furniture that is a better fit for their growing size! They may also need furniture that allows them a place to do homework and that keeps school supplies organized.

When choosing bedroom furniture for a preteen, you need to make your selection carefully so that all those pieces fit the bill, and also work for your child as they enter their teen years. Note a few tips on what to look for when shopping, so you know your budget is spent wisely when it comes to bedroom furniture for your preteen.

Look for added storage

You may not think much of your preteen's need for storage as they outgrow many of their toys, but older kids will probably want more clothes in their wardrobe, and will also need added storage for school supplies, as mentioned. They may also have more books, video games, computer games, and other electronics, and will need storage for those items as well. Look for a platform bed with room underneath for large baskets or bins, or that has built-in drawers for storage. Choose a tall dresser with added drawers for more clothes and then accessories that will no doubt be part of your child's wardrobe in years to come.


Now that your child is moving away from primary school and will be doing more homework, and bringing home more schoolbooks, you want to consider a desk as part of their bedroom furniture. Opt for something with a tall hutch that offers shelves for books and supplies. Those shelves can also hold computer games and electronics, as mentioned. This will eliminate the need to install shelves to hold their books, and will also eliminate the clutter of having those books left by the front door or elsewhere in the home.

Shop for style

Preteens may want to express their personality through their room and private space. Opt for a few pieces, or at least one, that seems very trendy and fun. This might be a hanging bubble chair rather than a standard side chair, a built-in wardrobe with a fun wallpaper or paint scheme on the front for added design and colour, or a metal desk made with stainless steel pipes for legs, rather than a traditional wood desk. A few stylish pieces will ensure that your preteen actually loves their bedroom furniture, and that they'll enjoy it even as they move into their teen years.

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