Why You Should Have a Custom Buffet

Custom buffets are an effective storage option and focal point in any home. They feature cupboards and drawers below a flat surface which can be used for holding items and serving food. Custom buffets are available in many styles and sizes. Here is why you need a custom buffet in your home.


Custom buffets can hold cutlery to keep it out of sight and to enable greater space in your kitchen. Additionally, all of your plates and bowls can be kept separate in the buffet for easy access. If you have children, a custom buffet can hold many children's toys. This can create space in your home and help to avoid clutter. Additionally, if you have many magazines, notebooks or documents, you can hide them inside the buffet. This allows your home to have a more minimalistic appearance.


Custom buffets are multi-purpose. The top of the buffet is great for displaying items. This means that you can use the buffet for storage and display without the need for hanging shelves around the room. One use of custom buffets is the display of spirits to create a home bar feel.

You can also use the surface of the buffet for lighting. Lamps can be placed on the buffet to brighten the room. This also enables you to have more space elsewhere, for example, on a side table, where the lamp originally would have been.


Custom buffets offer different styles, depending on the aesthetic that you wish to create. They can be made from materials such as wood or steel. There are different woods that can be used. Additionally, the buffet can feature natural wood, or it can be dyed to create a coloured finish.

Custom buffets can provide a vintage look to your home, these buffets are typically ornate with an elaborate pattern, they may use a dark wood and have a traditional leg shape. Rustic custom buffets tend to highlight natural wood, which may be distressed or weathered. A modern custom buffet style may include the use of mahogany wood, mirrors or bright colours. There are also custom buffets which use panels for a varied effect.


Custom buffets are a good option for a serving area. As well as spirits, you can also keep a coffee machine or food on the top of the buffet, and with cutlery being stored inside the buffet, this piece of furniture is ideal for hosting events.

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